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  • Climate change is no more a local or regional issue. It is global phenomenon. Linu Manufacturing is affecting its positive impacts through green manufacturing. This is a form of production processes and the establishment of environmentally friendly operations within the manufacturing field.
  • Essentially, my company only uses vegetable tanned leather reducing the amount of chemical which was to be used for tanning (and that has been proved to be bad for the environment)
  • My company production process reduces pollution and waste, recycle and reuse materials. Different accessories and items (keychains, jewelry, coin pouch etc.) are made from the left-over materials or scrub leather.
  • We never use any kind of plastic bags or lower density plastic raw material at any stage of the production.

Lidu Manufacturing PLC, provides decent job with good potential of economic growth. It believes innovation and technology advancement are the key in this Labor-intensive sector (leather accessories manufacturing industry) and always strives to achieve it as it has huge impact  on workers satisfaction and productivity. it also tries to add “high-value” to the product as it will have sustainable economic growth. Equal pay for work of equal value for women and man is always maintained. Disability has never been used for any kind of discrimination.  Safe working environments is being achieved and labor rights are protected. Linu promotes saving of income in the available financially systems to further enhance economic growth. All necessary consultancy regarding the same is given by experts at all times.

Linu Manufacturing PLC is one of the ideal business platforms that takes gender equality as its core values. We have haired women (more than 85 %) just to balance the gender disparity and unjustifiable discrimination of women at workplaces. Our system is gender blind when it comes to remuneration. Job responsibilities are set equally and matched with satisfactory monetary value .  Most of the workers are returnees from bad experience of economic migration.  Almost all of them have seen tremendous change in their livelihoods economically as well as socially. They have started supporting families and sending their kids to school. Relatedly, female workers who started taking classes to upgrade their skills will get many kinds of support including early departure time to get to their classes on time. Maternity leaves are prioritized and given the maximum allowable paid leave. A special consideration for those who are HIV positive is given including giving one extra day of leave every month.  A good number of women workers were not lucky to get education to the level that makes them legible for taking personal competence exams. However, government platform has made it easy should they want to take exams though a company.